From Street Kid to Global Citizen



Jesca's BIO:


Jesca inspires the world thru her storytelling & huge smile. Born into extreme poverty, Jesca spent her early years as an Ugandan street kid when her mom suddenly died and she ended up in a house full of kids helping each other survive.  One day, a woman from Colorado was filming her documentary and met Jesca.  She decided to drop everything and just move in with them—for seven years!  Miraculously, that lady adopted her—changing Jesca's life—forever. Jesca is now 17 years old and a junior in high school. She loves life, loves making new friends from around the world, & appreciates everything!  Jesca is the current Colorado State Champion in Poetry Out Loud, a National Endowment for the Arts event and maintains a 3.5 gpa despite all her learning gaps.


This Video has been known to cause inspiration, sudden Joy, & an appreciation for life.