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Christian Testimony


Athletics as a life skill


Photo:  Jesca posing with Colorado's Governor Polis after speaking and reciting three poems at his cabinet retreat luncheon for all the Colorado state leaders. 




Depending on your needs, Jesca can weave her true life (yet unbelievable) stories into a message that fits your event, classroom, conference...

Adoption / Orphan Perspective

We've been amazing at the amount of children adopted around the world, but especially in the United States that struggle emotionally, academically, socially. Jesca's has a way of delivering hope to parents who are worried about their child's future, and a new perspective to kids. 

Education topics

Do you have students that struggle in school?

Or are you booking a speaker to inspire your teachers who work with struggling students? 

Be encouraged, Jesca can deliver the joy and motivation they need to keep pressing on! She speaks about being black in a white land, the need for more diversity in your book choices—all with a genuine perspective on life (the difference between being happy and seeking Joy/Peace & what is appreciation?



Sample Title:  Why Poetry Works with this Generation!

Sample Title:  From No-skills to National Honor Society


For Students:  The Struggle is Real: but that’s the fun part!

  • Struggles in learning — strategies to get through middle school & high school
  • Advocating for Yourself — how to talk to your teachers and show off who you actually are.  Challenge them to love you back.
  • Combating Depression & Mental Health with some healthy, true-life reflection on: Perspective & Appreciation.        

For Teachers:  Excellent PD speaker for teachers learning to work with students from diverse cultures, learning gaps, and what elements of art and learning helped her bridge the gaps both emotionally and in test scores.

Christian Testimony

Growing up next door to a witch doctor has a lot of advantages, especially the crazy stories!  Africa has three choices of belief systems:  Christians, Muslims, and Witch-craft (better known as 'ancestral worship' or praying to your ancestors). Jesca grew up in a Christian community in Kampala where praying for any morsel of food was normal.  Just as God took care of the 'lilies of the field', so He took care of her and her friends. Jesca was officially baptized at surf camp in San Diego when she was 13 years old, but her faith runs deep and she has more than her fair share of miracles including that time God saved her and her mom from being stoned and set on fire during that tribal war back in 2007.


Using Sports/Athletics to be a better student & human:  9 years in gymnastics, high school basketball & cross-country/track