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Jesca is based out of Denver, Colorado.

She's booking her schedule now through 2020. 

You can hire Jesca solo or with her mom, Shane—whatever works best for your event. 

Shane's Bio and CV are posted below.  We will work with you, your budget, and all your ideas.  It is our mission to help you reach your goal in whatever way we can. 


All travel expenses must be COVERED (most economical journey is fine) and a nominal day/event fee. 

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Are you interested in booking Jesca for a day rate at your school/youth group/organization for a single day or multiple class days?



Do you require a speech written or new poetry memorized for a fundraising event or motivational talk that she must write and prepare ahead of time?

Colorado Senator Gardner hosted Jesca in his office in Capitol Building in Washington DC during Nationals for Poetry Out Loud

Jesca was invited to do a CPR spot highlighting the National Endowment for the Arts National event. 

Booking the dynamic duo:

Mother | daughter . Teacher | Student . Unlikely fun happens .

Shane Gilbert, Inspirational Speaker. Teacher. Mom.


Shane specializes in starting things & storytelling.


She has a wide range of teaching interests in Film, Global Justice, Literature—winning such awards as Walmart Teacher of the Year in 2000. Most notably, Shane is an award-winning producer/director of several feature films in distribution, and most recently for her work in Africa with her social justice documentary, Mzungu. Shane began her industry work in screenwriting, acting, and casting but found her unique niche in using documentaries to inspire change.  Shane first traveled to Uganda in 2005 directing a documentary when she met a family of street kids who changed her life—forever. That's when she met Jesca.  That's when life went from regular to extraordinary.  Shane ended up staying for seven years.  She built a school, a farm, educated the leaders, ran many businesses to help sustain their lives. She enjoys public speaking on many weird topics including her love for teaching teenagers and why Jesus was the best teacher of all time. She also geeks out on the failures of foreign aid, the vanilla trade, international adoptions, fundraising—the list goes on. 


Shane teaches full-time at Valor Christian High School, and online for Colorado Christian University’s Undergraduate Adult Learning.  Shane holds an MA from Columbia University in Teaching English. Her two favorite jobs in life are being Jesca’s mom and pointing young people toward an extraordinary life!  


You can contact her anytime:  720-391-9600 

Shane's Previous Speaking Gigs



Baylor University:                    Keynote Speaker: The Business and Ethics Forum (Nov. 2016).

Harvard University:                 Economics Department: Speaking on the failures of foreign aid work in Uganda.

Williams College:                     Speaking on the new wave of foreign aid work in the developing world.

Calvin College:                         Keynote speaker: Faith and International Development Conference, screening Mzungu, and classroom lecturer.

CU Denver:                               Partnership with several professors who use my NGO to inspire their students in Sustainable Community Development.       Film Screenings and Q&A’s over many years. Plus, leading their students in Uganda from 2007 – 2012.

Colorado Christian U:             Class lecturer for international ministry classes.

Colorado State Univ:               Mzungu screening and film discussion  

University of Denver:              Guest lecturer. The Masters in Development Practice program.

Lubbock Christian U:               Keynote Speaker:  Chapel, full week of Poverty discussions, film screening, photography show, class lecturing.

Univ of New Hampshire:         Film screenings and discussion.

Marietta College:                      Film screenings, class lecturer, delving into poverty issues.

OTHER: Amnesty International clubs. Phillips Exeter Academy all school assembly, and more.